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The Centre

The new Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre “ Amfiareio Hygeias SA” will be fully staffed with high trained and qualified personnel (physicians, other specialized doctors, therapists, nurses and ancillary staff), the state of the art medical equipment, providing 99 beds for both inpatients, the day care unit and the Intensive care unit  for the treatment and monitoring the health status of both inpatients and outpatients.

The modern and highly innovative and ergonomic premises of the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre “ Amfiareio Hygeias SA” [around 6500 square meters]  are located in  Kapsouros Oropos, an area of 15.270 square meters and developed on an area approximately 3,000 square meters.

It will also have a 10-bed hostel, with hotel accommodation support, for the relatives of the patients and for the revisiting patients.

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Υποδοχή Αμφιάρειου Υγείας
Είσοδος Αμφιάρειου Υγείας
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