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The excellent scientific knowledge and the state of the art medical equipment of the new Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre “Amfiareio Hygeias SA” will be the basic principle of the attention we will give to the coverage and treatment of all types of incidents, in all stages of the problem (early, middle or chronic stage). The aesthetic construction of our Center will offer excellent accommodation, recovery and rehabilitation without the feeling of hospital stay.

  • Our Centre will be handling the immediate post-hospitalization treatment of all patients.
  • Our Centre will take care of people who have the immediate need for a higher level of therapeutic services and rehabilitation.
  • Our Centre following the international standards, having highly trained and professional staff, implementing the most innovative recovery and rehabilitation protocols and state of the art medical and hospital equipment, will offer unique services for the natural, physical, emotional, mental and social recovery and rehabilitation of individuals.
  • The short term and long term goal of our recovery and rehabilitation program and all appropriate interventions as well will be identified and planned in detail by a team of doctors, physiotherapists who will meet and work together in daily basis.
  • Our Centre will provide the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, training and education, for the immediate return and reintegration of patients in their daily activities.

In particular:

  • Nature Cure Assessment
  • Orthopedic Clinic
  • Neurological Clinic
  • Heart Clinic
  • Pathology Clinic
  • Urological Clinic
  • Gynaecological Clinic
  • Lung Clinic
  • Pain Clinic
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Support
  • Home visits by physician or physiotherapist

IATRIKI AROGI [Collaborating Centre]

In addition to these clinics, the “Amfiareio Hygeias SA” will be supported by “Iatriki Arogi”, a polyclinic in Oropos area. Iatriki Arogi has diagnostic laboratories for basic and specialized examinations of its patients, such as CT and MRI, Bone Density Measurement, Panoramic X-Rays for dental use, Vascular-Cardiac Triplex and more.

The “Iatriki Arogi” polyclinic since the beginning gave many solutions to acute problems of patients and helped the people in need, not only in the region of Oropos, but to the wider area of northeast Attica, Boeotia, Euboea, and residents of Athens.

The “Iatriki Arogi” polyclinic has all the equipment for primary health care. It has fully equipped clinics and specialized, experienced and highly motivated personnel.

The “Amfiareio Hygeias SA” according to the law may collaborate:

With private entities (Diagnostic Centers, Private Clinics)

Public Bodies (State Hospitals, State rehabilitation centers)

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